What is CV/Resume Pulse Test ?

A group anylysis of percentage acquired during academic including the current utilization of skills, Logical/Aptitude/Reasoning , overall anylysis of any missing skills required for job found missing in resume and english fluency test.

Key Features :

| To focus clear career goals.

| Use of accurate grammar and verbs.

| Software Anylysis

| Fullfillment of requried gap via training.

| Error removal in CV for future Employment

| Removal of basic and important errors in jobs


What is Quick CV Spark ?

With our team's hard efforts, we search best suitable jobs from various sources like placement agencies, consultants, newspapers, ngo's, private, public and job websites. Relevant jobs are floated to required customers with personal user ID and Password.

Key Features :

| One click and CV is sent to all our consultants and aforesaid resources for jobs*.

| CV is always refreshed to keep it on top during job search.

| Personal User ID and Password for life time for applying relevant jobs.


CV / Resume Restructuring? :

After group anylysis we take latest copy of your CV and assign it to our dedicated managers. Later we create the best suited and matching criterias as per your need. We develop first draft in maximum 7 days.


Key Features :

| Expert team anylysis.

| Designed as per industry requirements.

| Define your key achievements and career.

| Define career goals.

| Impressive and HR friendly format.

| 99.99% success ratio of calls from employer.

| Accurate and perfect presentation of CV.


What is Career Guidance?:

As per the current industry scenario, there is huge pressure on multiskill employees and persons with dual responsibilites are hired and unfortunately the compensation benefits are lesser compared to job performed. In career guidance options, we help an employee to shift and use their non-utilized or extra utilized skills for getting a new career with existing capabilites.

Key Features :

| Change your career and shift to another.

| Highlight non disclosed abilities for better growth.

| Face the new horizons in new trends.



With our teams hard efforts we had been able to make a excellent team, where we take help of  Job Placement Agencies,Consultants, Employment Newspaper searches, Jobs posted by Private organizations,  Public and Corporate Organizations. We create and send your CV/Resume/Bio-data to aforesaid and further floated vacanices are ciruculated to our customers.  


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